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a breathtaking Cobb CHOP salad

We want the food at Revalee to be forward-looking, modern takes on classic dishes. We're hoping you agree that our dishes feel familiar and innovative all at once. We've designed our menu to be refreshingly unique: vegan and omni dishes side by side, all for a common price. Take a chance on something a bit different -don't let the price interfere with your stomach.

the delicious vegan Rösti

We believe that vegan meals can stand shoulder to shoulder with their "omni" counterparts, and can be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. At Revalee, we're hoping to create a setting where guests can enjoy a delicious brunch whether their group is wholly vegan or not. We also strive to serve meals that don't rely on too many substitutions for non-vegan ingredients wherever possible. Our open-concept kitchen prepares both vegan and omni dishes, and we take this duty of care very seriously. Our staff will ensure that our vegan ingredients stay that way: distinctly separate from any non-vegan items. Our fryer is used for vegan items only, and we're here if you have any questions.

our exquisite Pluck Tea menu

If you are out for brunch, coffee or tea probably have a role to play. It's part of our mission to make this as special as what's on your plate. Enjoy a fresh cup of direct-trade drip coffee from Toronto-based Pilot Coffee Roasters, or if you are feeling more adventurous grab a single-origin coffee with our personalized pour-over service. Choose from 12 of our curated loose-leaf Pluck teas -there is something to suit every mood and every dish. If you like what you choose you can take some home: we offer bags of Pluck tea and Pilot coffee for retail sale at the counter.

We've thought long and hard about how to make our menu as accessible as it is tasty! Our menu ingredients are primarily gluten free, and for a small fee we'll switch your bread for a gluten free option. If you have a question about an item, please ask.

House-smoked Trout bagel with local sprouts

In Vineland, we're extremely fortunate to be in the heart of such a vibrant agricultural area. The Niagara peninsula provides us all with a beautiful place to live and work, and with a bounty of unique food crops. Whenever it's possible, we're doing our best to use local ingredients and patronize local businesses and growers. For more information, check out our Partners page.

Box Lunch Brigade

You'll see this logo when you come in our front door. Box Lunch Brigade is an online lunch subscription company that serves the Niagara region healthy and fresh-prepared boxed lunches at homes, businesses and schools. Revalee brunch cafe is designed, owned, and operated by Box Lunch Brigade Inc. At Revalee you can experience a first-hand sample of the values and philosophies behind Box Lunch Brigade meals and service. Check out our Box Lunch Brigade page.

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