What is Box Lunch Brigade?

Revalee is owned and operated by Box Lunch Brigade Inc., an innovative online lunch subscription platform that is a uniqiue solution to eating a convenient and fresh-prepared lunch. Coming in 2018, you and your children will be able to enjoy healthy meals designed by Executive Chef Mitchell Lamb, delivered to your business, elementary school, or home in the Niagara region.

Our meals are delivered on a recurring basis and ordered using our custom set-and-forget subscription platform. Box Lunch Brigade will bring you a restaurant quality meal at an unparalleled level of convenience even when compared to fast-food -it's a healthy choice you can feel good about. Our first production kitchen in the Niagara Region is coming to Vineland this December and we'll be ready to serve your business, school or home lunch deliveries in the new year.

The idea for Box Lunch Brigade emerged after personally experiencing the heavy costs of time and expense often associated with eating lunch during our busy days. When we thought about the time and organization required to shop for and prepare an individual lunch or to order and deliver lunch to a group; the unhealthy choices available; and the relatively high prices asked for relatively low quality food -we realized we could do better...

Box Lunch Brigade delivers...

  • Fresh-prepared and healthy food
  • Restaurant quality meals
  • Compostable packaging
  • Easy set-and-forget ordering
  • Allergy sensitive meals
  • Vegan options
  • Conveniently delivered
  • Revolving menu

What will I get?

Box Lunch Brigade uses a revolving menu, there is no need to select your meal every day, but you also won't receive the same thing more than once within a minimum of a 30 day period. All our meals include a drink, and you can upgrade to include a dessert.

What control do I have over my meals?

You get to choose what style of meal you want (whether 'omni' or 'vegan', specify the type of drink you'd like, and whether we should respect any allergies. Just like Revalee, it's one of our main goals to keep our food accessible.

Doesn't a daily delivery use a lot of packaging?

We consider ourselves to be environmentally minded. That's why we've selected a completely compostable packaging derived from a sugarcane byproduct for our daily deliveries. To further save on waste we'll only include cutlery if you ask, and this is totally compostable as well.

What if I don't want lunch every day?

This is a subscription that you can control! You can choose the days of the week you wish to receive your lunches online, whether it's one day or five.

What if I'll be away or change my plans?

No problem. Our easy to use online platform let's you enter a skip day if you need to. Give us a little bit of notice and you won't be billed.

Box Lunch Brigade

Lunch. Delivered.

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